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Our best-selling Water Colour Hair Dye is unchanged, sourced from the same supplier for over a decade. This is the more effective single vial version of Water Colour that our customers know and love.

Our new website is also an approved stockist of It's Pure, Logona and Alice England products.

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Can I lighten my hair with Daniel Field Water Colours?

Because Daniel’s Water Colour contains no active lightening agents such as ammonia or alcohol that would be damaging to the hair it will simply add colour.

If you have recently coloured your hair with a darker shade or have some naturally darker pigment remaining, adding colour, even a lighter shade, can increase darkening rather than reduce it. On the other hand, as the colour grows out, where there is re-growth at the roots and temples or elsewhere, Daniel recommends that you treat only the re-growth and blend this in with the rest of your hair and continue treating the re-growth over a period to achieve the results you require.

In any event, to avoid over darkening if you are colouring regularly, you should only treat the re-growth and blend in with the rest of your hair. When carrying out the colouring process using your normal treatment timing of up to one hour, the remaining solution may be applied to the rest of you hair during the last ten to fifteen minutes. This will ensure that the rest of your hair receives a “semi-permanent” treatment which will wash out and/or fade prior to your next application – keeping your hair shade in balance.

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