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How do I deal with frizzy hair?

What is Frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair is in fact kinky hair. Sometimes single hairs will kink up and stand away from the main body of the hair, and in extreme cases, the main body of the hair kinks completely. Kinky hair reflects light poorly in its natural state. Completely kinky hair is described as 'Afro hair' - and anyone can have Afro hair regardless of their origins.

Choose a softening shampoo for naturally coarse or dry hair. You can tell by washing and then feeling the hair prior to conditioning. If it feels soft, then this is a good rich shampoo for your hair. If your hair is naturally soft when dry, choose a shampoo that leaves a silky feel prior to conditioning. The more frizzy your hair - the less squeaky it should feel at this stage. Try our Daniel Field first aid shampoo to cure your frizzy hair.

First Aid Conditioner is the most popular conditioner for coarse and frizzy hair. If your hair is naturally soft, yet frizzy, apply it in the usual way and rinse as normal. The more coarse the hair, the more conditioner you should leave in. 90% (i.e. a slight rinse) is the maximum you should leave in, as the hair dulls if not emulsified slightly with water. For fine but dry hair, rinse the First Aid Conditioner out like a normal conditioner, towel dry your hair, then spray in some Volumising Conditioner before styling as below.

Smooth & Shine Serum to wet hair prior to blowing the hair straight. 2 to 3 drops makes it easier to really smooth the hair down. Re-apply at least one drop to hair once it is styled. This finishes the look perfectly, and acts as an anti-frizzing agent to repel atmospheric moisture. Damp weather causes straightened and smoothed styles to curl up, even to re-frizz. Use Smooth & Shine Serum sparingly each morning to keep humid atmosphere from ruining your look. For more defined curls with no frizz, spray Curl Hold & Shine onto towel dried hair, comb through and scrunch dry, either with your hands to dry naturally, or with a diffuser on your hairdryer. It is fine to use both the Volumising Conditioner and the Curl Hold & Shine together.

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