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Colouring grey hair guide

FAQ: How do I create a natural looking low-lighted effect?

Here you can see Terry taking horizontal sections from the bottom of the hair up towards the crown.

Cover each section with colour, then leave a section working up all the way through, right up until you get near to the crown area.

Now remember: ends that are not grey, that are just faded, won’t need the same length of time as your grey roots.

On the top, from the crown to the front or the front to the crown, take one section of hair horizontally. Apply a little bit of colour, leave a section, than apply another section with colour and so one and so forth. In this way you will get a completely natural variation of colours, light and dark, without over darkening or creating patches.

Don’t forget, always cover the head with the plastic cap provided.

You can find all the information you need from the instructions included in the pack and also our colouring grey hair booklet which is available as a PDF online.

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