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Colouring grey hair guide

FAQ: Can I create my own colours?

You can create other shades from the 40 pre-blended shades I provide, but you need to write down what you did so you can improve or repeat the results that you achieve. The easiest way is to take two colours, let’s say you took one that was a bit lighter and one that was a bit darker and you want a shade in between.

Mix them together in one vial, shake really well and then separate them equally and now you've got two colours that you know are going to be exactly the same.

If you’re going to blend shades together it’s really important that you keep to the total amount of powder in the vial so it’s in proportion to the amount of water you are going to use. It’s got to be exactly the same as the pre-blended shade.

All colours that are from a number 6 shade, that would be a lightest brown up to a very light blonde, all contain a total amount of 7 grams of powder and you would mix this with 70ml of warm water, which is on the mixing applicator bottle, it is marked as the fill line.

For darker colours down from say DF 19, which is called light brown, anywhere all the way down to black then you really want to use about 8 grams of powder and again mix it with 70ml of warm water.

If you are trying to increase colour coverage on very stubborn grey hair and you’re making your own special blend, you can actually go up to 11 grams of powder with 70ml of warm water.

You can find all the information you need from the instructions included in the pack and also our colouring grey hair booklet which is available as a PDF online.

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