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Colouring grey hair guide

FAQ: How do I apply water colour to my full head?

Some people want to do a full head application. It may well be that you've got virgin natural hair with grey and that this is the first time you've coloured it. It may well be that you want to use the semi or demi methods of colouring where of course you are going to put it all over the hair or it may well be that you've got natural hair that’s uncoloured and you want to colour it from roots to ends.

For a full head application, Terry’s applying the colour to the roots and then immediately adding what remaining colour, he has got in the bowl, section by section all the way through the hair. Combing it through from the roots to the ends until all the hair is covered.

So if you are using this as a permanent and you want it to last about a month or so, always apply it to thoroughly dry hair. Don’t forget; always cover the head with the plastic cap provided.

You can find all the information you need from the instructions included in the pack and also our colouring grey hair booklet which is available as a PDF online.

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